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Put your Microsoft Project Plan online with


Sometimes you just need a simple way to publish your Microsoft Project plan online and invite others to collaborate on it with you. I created to do just that.

There are plenty of apps to help if you’re looking to build or manage a project plan from scratch. At this point, all the best ones are online, at least in part - even Microsoft Project now comes in an online flavor thru Office 365.

That said, as a delivery lead you many times still find yourself using trusty Microsoft Project locally - maybe you just need something quick and Project’s on hand, or maybe you’ve been using it for a long time and like it better, maybe there’s a missing feature in the online edition - who knows. In any case, it happens, and especially when others on your team are unfamiliar with Microsoft Project, it can be a real pain making that come together - particularly at scale. It’s not uncommon at all for larger projects to have their PMO take on a an administrative tax to help with transparency - they’ll chop the Microsoft Project Plan into Excel sheets, email them around, pester those responsible for updates, collate, etc. If you’ve been around large scale cross-functional/cross-organizational solution delivery in the past 10 years, this drill probably sounds familiar.

PMOcean is intended to cut this administrative tax so you can focus on more important endeavors.

Here’s how it works at a high level - and let’s suppose your delivery rhythm requires weekly snapshots for transparency and you’ve already built your integrated project plan and maintain it under change control:

  1. Upload your project plan to and invite those responsible to collaborate thru PMOcean if they haven’t already been invited
  2. Remind your team to provide their edits and updates by the end of the week, say 12p Friday
  3. Check into and review the changes, incorporate updates into your integrated project plan, say by 5p Friday

And Repeat! Really is that simple.

Here’s a snapshot of the editor:
PMOcean Project Editor

Why step 3 instead of a big “export to Microsoft Project” button? I’m a big believer in managing the integrated project plan by hand and going thru people’s updates one-at-a-time - because it gives you as a delivery lead the opportunity to assess impacts, ask the right questions, and get intimately familiar with the status of your program or project before you roll it up and out - ultimately making you a more valuable to the team delivering the work as a result. Your team will appreciate it, especially that you’re doing everything you can to save them time on status.

Not solving world hunger here with PMOcean, but scratching an specific itch. I’d love to hear from you about how PMOcean fits your needs and what you’d most like to see next - please reach out anytime - hope PMOcean can help you deliver great things in 2014!